Why this app?

Need fabric analytics and crash reporting on your palm?
Well, we feel ya! and thats why we made Mobly. Now you can stay on top of your app's stats on the go.










Pulse of Apps

With Mobly, you’ll have instant access to your app’s health in real-time, with live user counts, new users, session details and more.

Custom Events

Track the specific actions and events in your app that matter most to see how users are behaving in your app and surfacing that critical information in real-time

Crash Reporting

Look through the history of crashes filter them based on time and get detailed report for each crash along with their stack trace.


Mobly provides you access to customize your stats screen. See what you want to see and where you want to see.

Release Metrics

Releasing a new version? Get detailed report on adoption level, crashes, phone and os distribution

More to come

We are integrating with other mobile analytics platforms - Mixpanel, Google Analytics, Flurry, So you don't need to look at multiple places.

Easy to use

We made the app for both developers and product managers to easily access what they need.

User Reviews

Here are some of our users reviews to prove why you NEED Mobly.